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 Gaia Personhood


"Imglib" is a content management system for creating html display for assembled media content. Media content includes photos, graphic images, pdf file, mp3 & mp4 files organized in folders by someone we'll call the "User". "ImgLib" analyzes each folder and creates a file called "indexp.htm" which displays the content or creates links to it. Most of the information that "ImgLib" needs it gets by analyzing the content, but it makes possible augmentation of this data by the User by creating .csv files which the User can edit. Then when "ImgLib" compiles the html files next it can use this "UserData".

At present "ImgLib" has been used for four media collections which are available on flash drive(s). Flash drives on which these "ImgLibs" can be viewed presently have names like "16gb23sdCG" followed by a number "01", "02", "03", & "O4". The following table identifies the four media collections and what is in them.


Here is the table of contents for one of the Flash Drives. Note that "#Fldrs" & "#Files" reported here are bigger numbers than the table above. The table above reports only on media content while the table below includes as the files and folders added by the compilation process.


The files in an "ImgLib" include media files and also files created by the compilation process. The following table reports file types. .csv .cf .htm files are created by the compilation process. The file types to the right of those are media files submitted to this process.

\playgif\238867   1  67                          
\artesia\792449732 33  81      122                
\gaiapersonhood\6717438  2           1                 
\BocaKrewe\16139113    31                           
\fpspbcarchive\7765183379 11884           2192283132531111163
\TrinityOrd20171118\21439               1                 
\imglib\ 38    1           1                 

The following links are to local folders where we have experimented with the "ImgLib" idea. These may not be on our flash drives or on the website, so the links below may not work if you are accessing this on a flash drive or on the web.

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